When life gets hectic, we often forget to prioritize our spiritual life. Bible study and prayer fall by the wayside, and we begin to feel farther away from God. However, we must remember that the Bible is God’s Word, and it’s vital to spend time studying the Bible. The Bible is how God speaks to us, and bible study is one way to discern what God is telling us.

Here are several bible study tools that can help you strengthen and deepen your faith:

Bible Study Tools

Bible Study Group

Joining a bible study group deepens your faith through meaningful conversations. You may have read a bible passage or verse dozens of times in the past, but a bible study groupmate may have different insights you’ve never thought of before. Joining a group is an excellent bible study tool that allows you to connect with others while learning from them. A bible study group is a bible study tool that also helps cast out any demons or freedom encounters standing in your way of becoming closer to God.

Bible Dictionary

A bible dictionary is an essential tool that can serve as a bible study guide. It is a reference book that can help guide you while studying the Bible. It contains insightful information on cultural concepts, doctrine, people’s names, places, and other relevant historical details. If you come across a foreign word or confusing phrase, a Bible dictionary can be a beneficial bible study tool.

Bible Journal

During bible study, you’ll most likely have many thoughts and revelations cross your mind. You’ll come across a bible verse that strikes you, and you want to ponder more about. A bible journal will come in handy when you want to write down these thoughts. God uses the Bible to speak to people, and keeping a journal with you allows you to have a record of your thoughts and feelings during these times.

Bible Study Guide

While different groups will use different types of bible study guides, there are several standard guidelines that you can follow when studying the Bible:

Start with a prayer

The number one rule of any bible study guide is to ask the Lord for his wisdom and understanding. Ask for guidance and enlightenment. Praying before a bible study session humbles us and shows God that we want and need His help and direction.

You don’t need to start at the beginning of the Bible

There’s no need to study the Bible beginning with Genesis. You can start anywhere. Many bible study guides begin with the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John because they are directly about Jesus. You can start anywhere in the Bible that interests you or attracts your attention. For example, some people begin with Exodus or Corinthians because passages from these books resonate with them.

Choose a relevant topic

Another bible study guide you can follow is to choose a relevant topic. Are you interested in strength during trials, forgiveness, grace, or repentance? Are you interested specifically in how Jesus was and how he interacted with others when he was alive? Find specific verses on the topic you’re interested in and study each of them. This is another commonly-used bible study guide.

Write down what you learn

This is when a bible journal comes in handy. It’s important to remember the lessons you’ve learned during bible study and what the Holy Spirit tells you during this time. A bible journal or regular notebook can help you keep track of the insights you pick and learn during your bible study sessions. Any bible study guide you use will want you to write down anything and everything you’ve learned.

Share your Bible study learnings with others

A Bible study group or sharing what you’ve learned with friends and family can enhance your Bible study. Having small group discussions or sharing your insights with others is often part of a Bible study guide. Everyone has a unique point of view, even if they are reading the same passage. When you are unsure about the meaning of a Bible verse, it helps to talk to someone. Group discussions allow participants to share meaningful verses and ask each other’s ideas.

Bible study is a crucial part of deepening and strengthening one’s faith. The Bible’s teachings can enrich the spiritual lives of individuals, transforming them for the better, and lead them towards personal growth. The Bible study tools and Bible study guides mentioned above are great to keep in mind, whether you’re preparing for your first bible study session or attending your twentieth. They all help bring you towards a richer relationship with God and yourself.

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