Friends of Jesus Family Bible Studies

Are you in need of Prayer? Get in touch with me with the form below, or join in Fellowship with other Friends of the Jesus Family Bible Study Team. 

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BJ and Mr. Anderson

Last Call 10:00 EST until noon

Carrie Madej

Team Jesus National Prayer Call Hosted by Ohio Brett.

Claudine Burnham

Welcome to The Ponderosa, where your special event can be celebrated in the great outdoors on a beautiful mountain ridge in New Hampshire.
The Reah provides spacious rooms for cozier gatherings and three bedrooms accommodating up to 10 guests.

Clint Harper

Cornerstone Church

Emma Stout

Sells Milk and Cheese Products

Jeff Cline

(Currently unavailable) 

Kevin VanStory

Martin Bushman

The BuskMan Report on Rumble
Martin Aka BuskMan

Lunsford Brothers Concrete Construction

“36 years Strong.” Randy Lunsford

Tony Spell, Pastor

Life Tabernacle Church

Vinny from Brooklyn

“Immobilize, isolate, and immolation.” Vinny from Brooklyn